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Creating demand for used plastic for circularity

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SEA of Solutions Day #2:

Plasticity BANGKOK 



12 November 2019

Program Updated 09 November


8:00 am

Security Check-in Opens. 

Don't forget your photo ID! We strongly recommend prior check-in (available Monday 11 Nov 8:00am - 5:00pm). Once you've cleared security, enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee with other delegates on level 2. 

Plastic Circularity Today:
the macro, micro and continuing disruption

8.30 am

Session 1

The day starts with 5 keynotes/ted-talk style speakers followed by a facilitated panel.


  • Founder’s Keynote: Doug Woodring, Founder, Plasticity and Ocean Recovery Alliance

  • Global Trade Perspective: Dr Steve Wong, MD Fukutomi Ltd/ Chair China Scrap Plastics Assoc

  • Regional Circularity: The view from here: Sumangali Krishnan, Chief Business Officer, GA Circular

  • Global Commitments, Local Action: Belinda Ford, Public Affairs, Comms and Sustainability Director, Coca-Cola ASEAN  

  • China: Packaging and the Environment: Oscar Wang, Deputy Director, IQTC

Panel 1: TOWS - The Threats faced, Opportunities we have, our Weaknesses, and our Strengths - Steve Wong, Sumangali Krishnan, Belinda Ford, Oscar Wang, Doug Woodring - Facilitated by Trish Hyde, CEO & Founder, The Plastics Circle 

10.15 am - Morning Tea

Pioneering our Future:

innovation takes inspiration and perspiration

10:40 am

Session 2

Meet the innovators:  6 ted-talk style speakers, 4 pitches, and a facilitated panel.

  • Sustainability and FMCG: Vivekanand Sistla, R&D Director, Beauty & Personal Care, Unilever Thailand

  • Bridging the Marketing and Sustainability Divide: Pei Kang Ng, CEO/Co-founder, Tria Bio  

  • Getting Plastic Back: Making a difference: Pete Ceglinski, CEO, The Seabin Project

  • Designing Sustainability: Concrete Steps Forward: Dr. Suracha Udomsak, CTO, Siam Cement Group

  • Designing Packaging: Separation & Recovery: Ravish Majithia, Founder & Materials Scientist, Magnomer

Panel 2: Pioneering our Future - Vivekanand Sistla, Pei Kang Ng, Pete Ceglinski, Dr. Suracha Udomsak, Ravish Majithia - Facilitated by Trish Hyde

  • Entrepreneurship: A Journey in Plastic: Murray Hyde, COO, The Plastics Circle

  • The Plasticity Prize: The Pitches - 5 Entrepreneurs, Fresh Ideas, 4 minutes to impress  - and you get to decide who wins!

1.00 pm - Lunch

Making Circular the Default:

Embedding circularity for a circular economy.

1:45 pm

Session 3

Get practical - 1 update, 3 ted-talk style case studies of change and an interactive 'hypothetical' session.

  • A Note from the UN: Ran Xie, Associate Programme Officer Economy Division, UNEP

  • Circularity in Focus - Serious Moves: Han Zhang, Director - Sustainability APAC, Dow Chemical

  • Catching More than Fish -  Ghost Gear and Circularity: Ambrogio Miserocchi - Management Associate Sustainability Development - Thai Union Group PCL

  • Delivering a Big and Bold Business Initiative: Eduardo Garza, Creative Director & Partner, Waste2Wear


  Interactive session - Getting Plastic Moving  - Trish Hyde - Managing Director - The Plastics Circle

3.45 pm - Afternoon Tea

The Numbers Game:

Money makes the world go round & the circle circular.

4:10 pm

Session 4

We have a winner! + the numbers game - a keynote, a fireside chat, 7 great speakers

  • The Plasticity Prize: Announcing the Winner

  • Catalyzing Investment to Stop Ocean Plastic: Regula Schegg, Managing Director Asia, Circulate Capital

  • The Circulate Session
    Financing Circularity or Where money is...(a fireside chat) 

Regula Schegg, Managing Director Asia, Circulate Capital

Simon Baldwin, Director, Second Muse

Doug Woodring, Founder, Plasticity Forum

Helmut Schmitz, Head of Public Affairs, Der Gruene Punkt, The Green Dot, 

Richard Jones, Senior Vice President, Indorama Ventures PC
Dr Singh Intrachooto, Asst Prof Kasetsart University Faculty of Architecture
Maurice Evers, CEO, De Paauw Recycling 

Facilitated by Trish Hyde


The Open Forum: Where to next? 

5:15 pm

Session 5

  • Interactive C&A (comment & answer) with select speakers from the day.

  • The Way Forward in a Sea Solutions: Kakuko Nagatani-Yoshida, Head of Policy, UNEP 

  • Wrapping Up the Day: Trish Hyde, Director, Plasticity & Doug Woodring, Founder, Plasticity 


Join us for post conference drinks and more of the BIG conversation

5:45 pm

It's a BIG DAY!

What better way to wrap it up than with sparkling conversations, some sharing of ideas and a cool drink or two?  

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attendance is FREE!

FULL HOUSE: Registrations Closed!