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Since 2012, Plasticity has been travelling the world - igniting debate, inspiring change, and driving the urgent conversation toward a global plastic circular economy.

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3M Company, 4DNext, Accenture, Adessium Foundation, Agilyx, Algalita Marine Research and Education, Algix, All Day Every Day, AMAV, AmBiGroup, American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, American Chemistry Council, Amore Pacific, Andaz Shanghai, Aquafil Group, Aquarium of the Pacific, As You Sow, Aspen Research, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, ASU Sustainability Solutions Service, Auria, Austin Ventures, Australian Packaging Covenant, Avery DennisonBalance Edutainment, Baruch College, BASF Company Ltd, Bast & Rood Architects, BioCellection Inc, Biomater, BioPlastics Magazine, BioSerie, Braskem, British Plastics Federation, Brunel University London, Business Ecology, ByFusion, C2 Hybrid Gloves, C2C Certified, CalRecycle, CamelBak, Canadian Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, Capital Group, Carta Capital, Center for Regenerative Design and Collaboration, Chemours, City of Edmonton, City of London, City of Long Beach, City of Melbourne, City of New York, Clinton Foundation, Closed Loop Fund, CNPQ, Coca-Cola Co, Colgate Palmolive, Collective Responsibility, Common Seas, Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Holland Innovation Network, Consultek Consulting Group, Covestro Polymers Co, CP Chemicals, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, Crain Publishing, CSIRO, Cynar, Dannon, Dart Container Corp, Dassault Systems, Dell, Dow Chemical Co, Dresden, DTU Mekanik, Dunia Designs, Dunkin Brands, Dupont, Dutch Postcode Lottery, Eastman Chemical, Eco & More, EcoCanton, EcoLayers Inc, EcoMax Textile Co, Ecovative Design, Ecover, Edwards Lifesciences, EkumuroH2O, Ellen McCarthur Foundation, EMG, Envision Plastics, Eunomia, Evista, Rio Em Foco, Extruplas, ExxonMobil Chemical Co, Fauna & Flora International, Fixed Hub, Ford Motor Co, Fotografo, Gaia Strategies, Green Blue, Green Initiatives, Greening, H&C Chemicals, H&M, HASCO America Inc, HDX Mix, Hong Kong Shark Foundation, Hopkins Nanjing Center, HP Inc, Hub Culture, Hubbub, Human Scale, IDEO, Ingenieurbro Verheij, Innovation Centre Denmark, Inovyn, Insea, Interface, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Inteva Products, IO Sustainability, Jane Goodall Institute, Jiangsu Environmental Resources Exchange, Johnson & Johnson, Jornal da USP, Just Egg, Just Global Inc, Kanazawa University, King Garden Paper Product Co, Kingsbury Consulting, Krones, Laparella, LatcoAmerica, LBS Leeds, Lifefactory, Logoplaste, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Macquarie University, Mafiabags, Maindock Media, Maker Bot, Malibu Foundation, Mango Materials, Material Solutions, Mayor of Cascais, MBA Polymers Inc, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, McDonough Innovation, McKinsey & Company, Mercer University, Merged Vertices, Metamorphosis, MGTengineering, Michigan State University, Micro Green, Miniwiz, Mission Blue, Moksha8, Monterey Bay Aquairum, More Recycling Associates Inc, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Natural Resources Defense Council, Natural Step, Nature Works, NDS Inc, Nextek Ltd, NGR Next Generation Recycling Machines, North China University of Technology, Norwec, Noticias Cariocas, NRDL, O Estado de Sao Paulo, O Globo, Oak Foundation, OCB, Ocean Conservancy, Ocean Recovery Alliance, Oceanario de Lisboa, Oldcastle, Origin Furniture, Overbrook Foundation, PCA Materials, Pegassus, Penn State Behrend, Plastic Bank, Plastic Change, Plastic Disclosure Project, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Plastic Soup Foundation, Plastics Europe, Plastics For Change, Plastics News, Polymaterials, Project AWARE Foundation, Protective Packaging Systems, PTI, Putao Technology, Pylantis, Rebia, ReciclanipECICLANIP, Recicoleta Brazil, REPLAS, Republic of Everyone, Rozalia Project, Sabic, San Francisco Boardsailing Association, Sayers Publishing, Schmidt Marine Technology Partners, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Sekisui SPI, Shanghai Connector Marketing & PR Co, Shark Island Productions, Sims Recycling, Sineo International Trading Co, Society of Plastics Engineers, SowAsia, Startup SP, Stifel, Strategic Ocean Solutions, Successful Design, Summa Polimeros, Sustainable Coastlines, Swissnex China, Techmer PM, Tellus Technology, Tetra Pak, The Natural Step, The Plastic Economy, The Squirrelz, Think Beyond Plastic, TIC Group, Toyota Research Institute, Traditional Green, Trucost, Tupperware Brands Corp, TV Bandeirantes, U.S. Consulate General Shanghai, U.S. Green Solutions, UC Berkeley, UEMA, UNEP, Universidade de Brasilia, University of California Berkeley, University of Houston, Universo Criativo, Upstream Policy, US Chamber of Commerce, Vanden Global, Veolia, Vide Verde, Vision Textile, Voice from the Youth, Vulcan, Waste Free Oceans, Waste2Wear, Watsons Water, Winds Group, World Economic Forum, World View Impact, World Wildlife Foundation, Zambia Institute, Zoological Society of London, and MORE…

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