How to Run an Internationally Acclaimed Plastics Circular Economy Forum on the Smell of an Oily Rag

Imagine this...

You want to establish viable business-oriented solutions to tackle the monstrous problem of plastic pollution. You know that isolated efforts will achieve nothing, and that collaboration is key, so you decide to bring together all stakeholders and interested parties to discuss the issue from their particular perspectives.You invite participation from manufacturers, designers, retailers, recyclers, scientists, sustainability experts, policy-makers, inventors, business leaders and business disrupters.

And remember, waste plastic is a global issue: you can’t just focus on your home turf, so you reach out to the world. To Rio, London, New York, Shanghai, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Suva… Amsterdam.

And to ensure the conversation stays alive, you schedule at least 3 of these global events every year.

It’s a lot to achieve on a budget of… wait… what...? NOTHING??

The global Plasticity forums simply couldn’t exist without the generous support of our corporate partners.

Avery Dennison has demonstrated long-term leadership in the sustainability space, with a range of ambitious sustainability goals and environmental initiatives.

We are both proud and appreciative to have Avery Dennison as our major sponsor for Plasticity Amsterdam.

Thanks A.D!

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