Turning the Plastic Tide

No one understands the devastating global effects of plastic pollution better than the people who make the Pacific Islands their home.

Ocean currents are no respecters of sovereign borders, and plastic waste can (and does!) travel thousands of kilometres before washing up on the beaches and fouling the waterways of countless Pacific Island nations.

Local bans on plastic bags and straws are a great start, but they can’t hope to compete with the relentless tide - and its unwelcome bounty.

But help is at hand.

In March 2019, sustainability experts, policy-makers, retailers, manufacturers, recyclers and designers will converge on Fiji for the 11th Global Plasticity Forum: PLASTICITY PACIFIC.

Plasticity forums are unique in that they draw together stakeholders from right across the value chain to work collaboratively on finding innovative, commercially rewarding solutions that are relevant to the region.

Focusing on effective waste recovery and the creation and marketing of second-life plastics, Plasticity Pacific will explore cutting edge technologies and exciting new concepts in plastic sustainability.

March 13th, 2019

Grand Pacific Hotel, Suva, Fiji.

Presented with the generous support of major sponsor, Coca Cola Oceania.

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