Plasticity California

“Technology, Design and Knowledge -Driving Plastic Sustainability”

We had a great Plasticity California event with the ANTEC 2017 annual technical conference of the Society of Plastics Engineers — the largest plastics technical event in North America this year.

Plasticity California presentations and videos to all of the talks are available on our main site. You can also find some news from our Plasticity Texas event.

A “Plasticity “Light” version was held on Saturday for the general public, and a Facebook Live video can be seen from the 1hr 25min session.

“Every day, plastics help us do more with less, and plastic makers from around the world are committed to delivering solutions that improve life. The World Plastics Council supports events like Plasticity because they connect thought leaders and innovators, and enable all of us to unlock potential,” Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh, SABIC, Chairman World Plastics Council.

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